The UK's Leading Source of Caffeine

Who is our coffee for?

For riders, runners and sports enthusiasts looking for a 100% natural source of caffeine that provides a real kick and sustained energy levels.

Caffeine is proven to enhance performance, endurance and focus as well as a host of other health benefit. 

How much caffeine is in our coffee?

The Espresso contains 225mg of caffeine per 7 gram serving. Great for a quick hit!

The Sports Barista coffee Bag contains 336mg of caffeine that is slowly released over a 6 hour period.

Your everyday coffee contains between 60mg - 140mg of caffeine with most sports supplements hovering around the 150mg mark. 

Do I need a coffee machine?

Coffee Bags - Nope, just a kettle and a cup as our coffee comes in a bag, like tea and is ready to brew. No filter, press or grinder required either... bonus!

Espresso - Espresso or filter machine required. Cafetiere can be used.


Our coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted with sports in mind.


We provide free delivery and free returns on all our products within the United Kingdom.

first class DELIVERY

All parcels are shipped first class and should reach its destination before 17.00 the next working day.


Each and every month, subscribers old and new are in with the chance of winning a monthly supply of Sports Barista Coffee.