Bean to Filter or Espresso


Bean to Filter

Our beans can be finely ground to produce a great tasting filter coffee that provides a real caffeine hit for cyclists, runners and the active among us. 

336mg of caffeine per 10oz serving

10 gram per serving

100% Natural

High in caffeine 

smooth and well balance flavour

slow release 

6 hour half life


Bean to Espresso

Our beans can be coarsely ground to produce a single origin espresso which is like nothing else currently on the market and where A single is a double.

 225mg of caffeine per single shot

7 gram serving

100% natural

high in caffeine

Fantastic Crema

Intense taste

Perfect quick hit

The Sports Barista coffee is a stand out beverage for cyclists, runners and the active among us and gives you the chance to provide a coffee which actually serves a purpose. 

Contact us for more information or a free sample box of the coffee bags.