The Original Energy Drink

Coffee dates back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau and legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi first discovered the potential of these beloved beans. 

The story goes that Kaldi discovered coffee after he noticed that after eating the berries from a certain tree, his goats became so energetic that they did not want to sleep at night. 

Kaldi reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery, who made a drink with the berries and found that it kept him alert through the long hours of evening prayer. The abbot shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery, and knowledge of the energising berries began to spread.

Moving forward to the 17th century and the introduction of coffee to Europe people reacted to this new beverage with suspicion and fear, calling it the “bitter invention of Satan.” 

Despite the controversy, coffee houses quickly became centres of social activity in major cities of England, Austria, France, Germany and Holland. Coffee began to replace the common breakfast drink beverages of the time which was beer and wine and those who drank coffee instead of alcohol began the day alert and energised, and not surprisingly, the quality of their work was greatly improved.

Fast forward to today and coffee is a well-established, worldwide drink with two main stream beans in production, Arabica and Robusta.

Up until recently the Arabica bean has been promoted as the go to bean for taste, however Robusta is changing all that.

Our Robusta bean provides a smooth, mellow cup with intense aroma and a chocolate-like fragrance with a pleasant aftertaste similar to Arabica. On top of this our Robusta has at least twice the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce.

High quality Robusta is difficult to source, with ours being one of the few origins that can produce a Robusta which makes the grade. What separates this high-quality Robusta from its low-quality counterpart is the high degree of care that coffee plantations in India apply to cultivation, harvesting, and processing of Robusta- typically the same care they apply to Arabica beans.

These factors include:

  • High Elevation (up to 1400 meters)
  • Shade Growing
  • Emphasising Bean Quality over Plant Yield
  • Selective Picking
  • Careful and Extensive Washing and Drying
  • Meticulous Sorting and Grading

As a result of this effort, our Robusta coffees are some of the cleanest and mellowest in the world with none of the rubbery aftertaste one normally associates with such coffees.

Modern day testing and science in to caffeine confirms the benefits as mentioned by Kaldi and goes on to suggest that consuming coffee can increase performance, endurance and focus with a whole host of additional health benefits.

Its clear to see why sports enthusiasts are buying in to consuming our Robusta in order to enhance results.

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