Coffee = Results

We all know that coffee contains a well-known drug called caffeine but did you know that caffeine has some rather unique qualities when combined with exercise?

Caffeine can benefit every type of workout from long distance/endurance sessions, short/intense burst training and sports that require 100% focus.

Everybody's goal is different but the aim remains the same - RESULTS!

How can caffeine help you achieve your goals?

Well, aside from the obvious caffeine hit check out the 7 key affects below;


  • The nervous system: Caffeine activates areas of the brain and nervous system to improve focus and energy, while reducing tiredness,

  • Hormones: Epinephrine is the hormone responsible for the "fight or flight" response, which can increase performance,

  • Muscles: Caffeine may impact the motor cortex, which is a part of the brain that signals muscle activation,

  • Body temperature: Caffeine has been shown to increase thermogenesis, or heat production, which helps you burn more calories,

  • Fat burning: Caffeine can increase the body's ability to burn fat via lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat in fat cells,

  • Glycogen: Caffeine may also spare muscle carb stores, primarily due to increased fat burning. This can enhance endurance performance,

  • Endorphins: β-endorphins can increase feelings of wellness, and give you the exercise "high" that people often experience after working out.


In a nutshell consuming caffeine aids performance & endurance, speeds up recovery, leads to better concentration and can help with weight loss. Sounds great right? 

Here comes the bad news -  The above effects will be minimal at best with your everyday cup of Aribica so don't go running to the kettle just yet. You need our Robusta.

Our Robusta contains a minimum of 2.5 times more caffeine than your everyday pick me up and can really kick start your body in to results seeking mode. Our beans also have slow release qualities and drip feds you caffeine over a 6 hour period. 

Whether you are looking to get lean, lose a little weight, complete segments faster or go further, you need to start considering coffee over heavily loaded pre work outs and sugary drinks. 

The great part about this is that you only need to change one thing on the day you exercise..... your morning coffee!

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