Sports Barista - "Bean" there, done that!

Introducing Sports Barista, three keen sports enthusiasts with a passion for running, cycling and coffee.

Throughout the years we have collectively experienced most caffeine supplements and sports coffees on the market but were left feeling either dissatisfied or jittery, as they lacked the characteristics required to be used as a performance aid. 

We wanted energy, focus and to actually feel good before, during and after an event, however most of the time we ended up in the bushes, on a massive comedown or back of the pack and not properly fuelled.  

The Issue:

Most sports coffees on the market either contain too little or way too much caffeine, and this is where we decided to changes things.
Our mission was to create our own coffee for personal use with the idea of finding a bean that would outperform other coffee and caffeine supplements, whilst avoiding the usual side effects attributed with too much or too little caffeine.

We quickly identified a coffee bean that not only gave us a naturally high caffeine kick but slowly released it over a longer period of time. After months of testing with friends and fellow club runners, we finished with a coffee that gave us performance over time that also tasted great, Bonus!!!

Needless to say, it didn’t take long until our sporting friends started to regularly use the coffee and when they offered to buy it, the Sports Barista was born!

Our Coffee
Our coffee is a responsible yet responsive caffeine hit paired with slow release behaviours which gives a consistent delivery of caffeine throughout your training, workout or race that comes in two variants: the ground breaking coffee bag; or bean format.

The coffee bag is easy to use, requires no equipment and gives you fresh coffee in 3 minutes with a caffeine kick that lasts throughout the day. When consumed in the morning in place of your everyday coffee/supplement the coffee bags provide a constant flow of caffeine with no jitters, headaches or other issues usually associated with high caffeine-content coffee.

Our coffee beans are marketed as an espresso hiit coffee, which provides a quick caffeine hit great for shorter distances and evening/after work training sessions. The beans can also be used in a drip filter or cafetière by grinding the beans coarsely.

Both the coffee bags and espresso beans have been roasted to give you a measured dose of caffeine for a natural energy boost needed to enhance your training session, workout or race and deliver all of the additional health benefits associated with coffee and caffeine.

It is no secret that having a coffee before sport is massively beneficial and can improve performance, endurance and focus, but having too much is just as ineffective as having too little. This is why we are confident our measured dose of caffeine will suit most sports/coffee enthusiasts and with hard work and dedication it’s the perfect enhancer to help you exceed your goals.

Feel free to check out our reviews at

P.s Just because something taste strong, it doesn't mean it is strong when it comes to caffeine content!


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