Coffee - Sports Drink?

There are plenty of pre & post work out drinks on the market but coffee is about to trump them all.

Instead of lunging for a sports water, sugary drink or regular H20, pick up a Sport Barista coffee and feel the benefits within 30 minutes. 

A recent study by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook has suggested that coffee is great at hydrating the body, does NOT leech water from your system and in fact actually hydrates as well as energies you. 

She goes on to suggest that coffee has the upper hand on other pre work out drinks as the caffeine kick starts your systems and lifts your energy levels higher than if you drank a sports drinks or plain water. 

Further to this there is plenty of research which shows consuming coffee before exercise can help you work out harder and longer due to the release of endorphins that give the perception of it feeling easier. 

This means that targets you set should be achieved faster whether that be to lose weight, run faster/further or increasing strength its all achievable with dedication and caffeine. 

Finally, coffee is also a great post work out drink and will replenish your body with fluid lost from sweat and will increase energy levels so you perky for longer. 

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